"Maybe i wear lipstick so that
you will see my pretty pink mouth
wrapping around a coffee cup lid
and be distracted enough not to notice
that i am intelligent and powerful;
a threat.

Maybe i draw my brows into high arches
so you will look at my unimpressed skepticism


These TERFs are nothing new, they’re merely the newest incarnation of Susan B Anthony and her lot. Susan herself proclaimed “I’d sooner chew my own arm off than give *racial slur* the vote before white women!”

There’s also a long history of classism, ableism, homophobia, attempts to make…

Where can female crime victims turn when the very people that are paid to ‘protect and serve’ and facilitate justice hate women and jerk off to their pain, torture, degradation, and deaths? Where can rape victims seek justice when the whole system is one huge rotten orchard of misogyny that is given a free pass in a male supremacist society?
Jacqueline Homan (Without Apology)


James Taranto, editor of the Wall Street Journal, has publicly stated that victims of assault who were intoxicated during their attack are just as responsible as their assailant. This is unacceptable, and we are more than happy to support him losing his job.


So, today there was a tweet from Harry’s mum telling people that it’s not cool to nick pics from her private FB and post them publicly.


Which should really go without saying. I mean, seriously? Don’t be an asshole with no respect for other people’s privacy. It’s really that simple.

This is…


small things to do that make your mind feel clearer

  • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
  • delete all your text messages
  • delete negative people from social networks
  • throw some things away. just throw them away
  • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
  • drink 3 glasses of water
  • open the curtains
  • wash your face and brush your teeth


Feminist art essays


  • My body is the most valuable and important and personal thing I will ever own. It is my direct link to the earth, to other people, to God. My body is sacred.
  • My body can take up as much space as I want it to.
  • My body is a war zone, and it is important for me to maintain my border security. I…

Rape Culture is so ingrained in society that even the laws that define rape promote it.
Leigh for the Day of the Girl blog (via dayofthegirlus)

Because what I am seeing, with Dylan Farrow’s recent open letter concerning the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her father, deified American film director Woody Allen, is that a lot of people do not believe that we adult survivors live among them. That there is something adult survivors can do that will make us believable, but that one of those things is not, it seems, recounting our own stories and speaking out against our abusers. Especially if our stories contain, I suppose, “palpable bitchery” and not the correct, carefully measured amount of humility appropriate to a child who has had her entire life torn apart by the very people tasked with protecting her from harm.

Strange, how credible evidence against an abuser rarely seems to include the testimony of survivors, but frequently does include the “expert” opinion of people who were wholly absent from the situation, or of abusers who have a vested interest in, say, not being imprisoned. No, if we survivors remember too much, we are clearly sticking too close to an easily fabricated story, but if we remember too little, we are suspiciously devoid of all those details people say they hate to hear, but which people really, secretly like to hear.

I hear people say that Dylan Farrow must be lying—after all, it took her 21 years to write an open letter in the New York Times! Well, it took me about that long to write an open letter to my own soul. I hear people say that Dylan Farrow must be lying—after all there is a video of her as a child, unable to recount her abuse in vivid detail, from start to finish, in one defiant take!

Oh, I cannot hear that one. I cannot hear it. There are no lengths to which 5-year-old Andrea would not have gone to prevent the details of her abuse from becoming known to others. In fact, every time I had a clear opportunity to out my abuser, and to detail my trauma? I denied it even more, created elaborate excuses, let details slip but then refused to cooperate. I lived in abject fear of being punished for what another human being had done to me.